6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival

The 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival is scheduled to take place from 09-14 June 2017.

The event aims to promote Vietnamese unique cultural values, Quang Nam’s typical features; share national and international experiences in heritage management and preservation; introduce Quang Nam’s tourism potentials and lure investors; boost cultural exchange; develop tourism infrastructure, products and brand of the province.

Quang Nam planned to invite from 10-12 world heritage cities from Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea… to participate in the 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival. An international workshop on preserving and promoting heritage values will be held in Hoi An City to provide the opportunity for these world heritage cities to share experiences and seek solutions to effective heritage management and preservation. The festival will also include various attractive activities such as displaying photos, artifacts and films about UNESCO World Heritage sites; introducing intangible cultural values of ancient towns…

Schedule of the 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival 2017

No. Activity Time Venue
01 Hoi An Light Festival January 27th – February 08th 2017 06 points in Hoi An ancient town, Hoi An city
02 International Kite Festival June 05th – 09th 2017 An Bang beach, Hoi An city;

Tam Thanh beach, Tam Ky city

03 International Choir Competition June 07th – 11th 2017 Hoi An city
04 International Food Festival June 08th – 15th 2017 Dong Hiep park, Hoi An city
05 Ngoc Linh Ginseng Festival June 10th – 13th 2017 Tra Mai commune, Nam Tra My district
06 The Opening Ceremony 20h00, June 09th 2017 Tam Thanh beach square, Tam Ky city
07 The Festival of Culture, Sports and Tourism, themed “Tam Thanh Beach – Summer Feelings” June 09th – 14th 2017 Tam Thanh beach square, Tam Ky city
08 The Exhibition of “Viet Nam Island and Coastal Heritage” June 09th – 14th 2017 Tam Thanh beach square, Tam Ky city
09 Bai Choi Folk Singing Festival among the Central provinces in Vietnam and the Intangible Cultural Heritage honored by UNESCO themed “Colors of Vietnam intangible cultural heritage” June 09th – 14th 2017 24/3 square, Tam Ky city
10 The Exhibition of Champa Temple-towers of the provinces in Central Vietnam June 09th – 14th  2017 My Son site, Duy Xuyen district
11 The 2017 Fair of “Quang Nam Heritage Festival” June 09th – 14th  2017 Hoi An Stadium, Hoi An city
12 The Highland and Central Tourism Forum June 10th 2017 Muong Thanh Hotel, Tam Ky city
13 The Art Show named “Legends of Apsara” The night of June 10th2017 My Son site, Duy xuyên district
14 The Golf Tournament of “Quang Nam Heritage Festival” June 10th 2017 Montgomerie Links, Dien Ban town
15 National Canoeing Tournament June 10th – 13th 2017 Phu Ninh lake, Phu Ninh district
16 The Performance of the Rite to set up Nêu Poles of Vietnam Minority Groups titled “The essence of Quang Nam highlands” June 11th – 13th 2017 The traditional communal house of Katu people, Tay Giang district
17 The Race of Vietnam Sailboats and World Windsurfing Championship June 12th – 15th 2017 An Bang beach, Hoi An city
18 The World and Vietnam Silk Festival June 12th – 14th 2017 Hoi An Silk Village, Hoi An city
19 The 415th Anniversary of  Thanh Chiem Government Palace June 12th – 14th 2017 Dien Ban town square, Dien Ban town
20 The Cultural Exchange among World Heritage Cities June 13th – 16th 2017 An Hoi statue garden, Hoi An city
21 The Closing Ceremony 20h00, June 14th 2017 Hoai River square, Hoi An city
Other activities:

– Organizing the exhibitions of fine-art, photography, performing arts;

– Exchanging with the abroad provinces and cities as Quang Nam province’s diplomatic partners;

– Summing up the contest “Join hands for the 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival 2017;

– Opening the tourism products;

– Famtrips and Presstrips.


Source: Quang Nam Heritage Festival